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Paphos Cyprus

Modern Two Bedroom Two Bathroom House Paphos South-West Cyprus


Paphos, also known as Pafos, is a coastal town with a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate, and the mildest temperatures on Cyprus. The typical summer season lasts from April to November, however temperatures even in March and December can reach 20 ℃ (68.0 ℉). Summer temperatures in August are often in the high 30's centigrade.

Paphos has an attractive water front culminating in the castle and harbour. Both the harbour and the town have a wide selection of restaurants with prices in the low to medium range. Paphos generally has a rocky shoreline, although there are also a number of sandy beaches. Coral bay, to the north of Paphos has a particularly popular beach.

In Greco-Roman times Paphos was the island's capital. It is now famous for a major archaeological site/museum including the amphitheatre and Roman governor's palace, where extensive, fine mosaics re a major tourist attraction. The apostle, Paul of Tarsus,visited Paphos during the first century AD. Near to Paphos lies the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite (also known as the Lady of Cyprus), the Greek goddess of beauty, sexuality and love.Old Paphos therefore became the most important place in the Greek world for worshipping the goddess. The Roman equivalent to Aphrodite is Venus.

In more recent times Paphos has grown into a popular multi-national tourist destination. It has has a fine new international airport with frequent scheduled and charter flights to most major European countries. English is spoken almost universally, but both Chinese and Russian are growing in popularity.

Night-life is centred around Bar Street where there are numerous clubs, bars and eating houses A major new shopping mall is currently being completed.

For those wishing to see a bit more of the island - including the occupied Turkish area in the north - there are a large number of coach, mini-bus and jeep tours. Visitors in the winter can even experience skiing in the Troodos mountains.

The cost of living is broadly the same as the U.K.: with alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and eating out all substantially cheaper.